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We are a group graphical designers that all love to sit in front of the PlayStation 4. And we can admit that the Playstation is an amazing device, and most of us probably couldn’t have lived through our childhood without one. BUT, there is one thing that is missing from the PlayStation. The art to customize your console so it stands out from others. And we can all agree that the ones that were created by Sony are pretty bad. So we have decided to establish this portal where we and others have created and submitted their amazing themes. Right now we have 3 high quality themes available. Trust us, these themes will make you jizz everytime you turn on your PlayStation 4. The ps4 themes are all open as a free download and can easily be equipped onto your PlayStation. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of our awesome themes!

Quick and easy to install

When we created our theme panel website, we wanted to make sure that the user found it very easy to make use of the website and interface. You can simply get your theme applied to your Playstation 4 within a few minutes! We are focusing a lot on making this process WAY more easy than it is right now. Right now it is not really possible to get your themes onto the official Playstation 4 store which is annoying, so to make up for that we have created this site, but for it to be appealing to you guys it is very important that it is quick and easy. This is something that we accomplish through the decent GUI that our developer came up with.

Faster navigation with our PS4 Themes

Our themes are optimized specifically for the PlayStation 4 in mind and we are therefore putting a lot of great stuff into our code and graphics when creating our Playstation 4 themes for you guys. We also have our tricks here and there to reduce load time for when you click on the menu until you will see some action going on. This means that we are the best and strongest developer of free ps4 themes out there. By the way if you’re looking for a way to get free PSN codes then we would recommend this PSN Code Generator.

Foxxy Theme

Foxxy PS4 Themes

Foxxy, the beauity and smoothness – Ps4 Themes Portal

Foxxy was our first ever release of any PS4 Themes. It was a huge success and it is right now active on over 31.290 Playstations  worldwide. This theme is super slick, fast and most important: Beautiful. The graphics are inspired by the art behind a fox and its nature. They are a beautiful animal and your PlayStation menu will turn into an incredible new experience for you as a gamer.

  • Beautiful
  • Makes navigation faster
  • Super Slick

“This theme is a MUST HAVE in your Playstation 4 arsenal. It improves my general Playstation experience by a lot” – Steven Markinson


(4.5 out of 5 stars based on an a former poll)

Get the Foxxy Theme for your PS4
Aquantic Ps4 theme

Aquatastic – Team Ps4 Themes Norway

This theme was released by a graphics team from Norway that wanted to create their own PS4 Themes. So they dedicated themselves a lot and started studying how the Playstation 4 menu was operating and thereafter came out with this beautiful result that will make your Playstation shine. After this fantastic result, we have decided to let them into our team, and now they are also working on some new themes.

  • Perfect flow of modern high definition blue colors
  • Makes you feel like you are Neptune
  • Amazing artwork and animation flow


(4.0 out of 5 stars based on a former poll)

Get the Aquantic Theme for your PS4
Leopardic theme

Leopardic V1.02 Fast, Smooth Added features – Raxyn90

A very dear and active user of ours developed this theme: Raxyn90. Raxyn has been dedicating a lot of time to improve the default theme that comes with your Playstation. The theme itself is based on the default theme, but he really did a fantastic job on this one. He has added awesome art of snow leopards, snow animations and an improved loading speed for some actions. The reason why our users rated this theme as high as they did is because of all the features that are included. This theme for example allows you to bypass some things that you were previously not allowed to. We would like to define this theme as being a minor “jailbreak”. If You are looking for a complete jailbreak, I can definitely recommend this PS4 jailbreak. The artwork behind this is also made by the same graphical developer at 3DS Emulator.

  •  Amazing graphics modelling
  • Tons of new features included
  • Improved loading screen speed


(4.5 out of 5 stars based on a former poll)

Get the Leopardic Theme for your PS4